Deal Making

We create deals so that individual investors can combine their buying power to acquire a large property that they could not purchase on their own. From start to finish, we manage the whole process: we find the property, secure investor funding, and oversee the capital improvements, so investors can receive passive income without a worry.


Buyer/Seller Representation

Some investors prefer to acquire and hold investment properties without buying in to a large, syndicated deal. We help these investors to identify, acquire, and manage their own investment properties. When an investor decides to sell a property, we work to find the highest sale price.


Project & Property Management

We partner with investors who want to improve and own properties, but prefer not to manage the work themselves. We help by determining the scope of work and budget, coordinating reliable contractors, and overseeing task completion. After executing on improvements, we manage rental properties by performing tenant screenings, negotiating leases, collecting rent, and overseeing property maintenance.