New Columbus REALTORS® President Has Hopeful Predictions for 2021

Last week, Georgette Properties, LLC was invited to attend a morning Coffee Hour hosted by the Young Professionals Network (“YPN”) of the Columbus REALTORS®. One of the featured guests was the 2021 President of the Columbus REALTORS®, Michael Jones.

Jones began his career as a realtor in the Columbus area, but he spoke about how his experience in sales and brokerage allowed him to pivot into real estate investing and even some development deals. Some of his most memorable insights came later in the conversation, when Jones was asked about his outlook for the immediate future of the Columbus real estate market.

His predictions showcased substantial confidence in the resilience of the market, despite the influence of covid:

“Even if we see a slight slowdown in the first Q of 2021, it will be short lived, and the rebound will be strong. Columbus will be insulated.”

Jones later acknowledged that the city is experiencing increased migration out of the central core and into the surrounding suburbs. This trend is likely a result of: a) the civil unrest concentrated downtown, especially around government buildings and b) the covid-induced desire by homebuyers for homes with private, outdoor backyards and additional rooms for office space. Jones believes that this trend away from downtown areas will swing backward, and demand for downtown condominiums will grow once more as the nation – and thus the city of Columbus – experiences less civil unrest.

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