Improvements Underway at Cedar House

In coordination with 3 cash partners, Georgette Properties, LLC acquired another single family home. The property, built in 1920, takes its Cedar House name from the light blue cedar plank siding that covers the home.

The planned improvements on this property will primarily focus on curing structural defects and updating important infrastructure. Structural defects typically take the form of physical damage to load-bearing elements of a building. At Cedar House, significant damage to the primary carrying beam in the basement, i.e., the wooden beam that supports both stories of the house, compromises the structural integrity of the house. Georgette Properties, LLC has already partnered with 2 certified engineers to assess the extent of damage and develop a repair strategy.

Other infrastructure updates will soon follow to ensure both livability and safety for future tenants. A key update that reduces risk of fires: re-wiring the house. The outdated knob-and-tube electrical system (commonly installed in homes till the 1940s) still works; however, the system presents more fire risks than modern electrical systems. Even though Columbus City Code does not require removal of knob-and-tube systems, Georgette Properties, LLC is committed to eliminating unnecessary risks within its properties and will be replacing the current hazardous system. The knob-and-tube system possesses a number of fire perils: the system lacks a grounding conductor, uses insulation known to be a fire risk, and can ignite if it comes into improper contact with building insulation. Installing a modern electrical system at the Cedar House carries more up-front costs, but this is a necessary update that would be unwise to skip.

Although they are certainly not the only planned improvements at Cedar House, remedying compromised support beams and replacing the outdated electrical system are among the most cost-intensive improvements. Other planned improvements will take place after these top priorities have been addressed.

Any readers interested in viewing the progress of all the capital improvements happening at the Cedar House are invited to view the highlights reel on our instagram page:

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