Elevating communities by investing in and developing excellent housing

Georgette Properties, LLC is a real estate investing and development company located in Columbus, Ohio.


Welcome to Georgette Properties, LLC!

I’m honored to introduce you to my mission-driven real estate company. As a real estate developer, attorney, and former educator, my professional journey is rooted in fostering strong communities through housing. To lead Georgette Properties, LLC, I draw on 12+ years of broad experience, ranging from overseeing an emergency women’s shelter, managing crises at universities, counseling legal clients, and now, executing residential development projects in Central Ohio.

We believe in the transformative power of dignified housing. We elevate communities by investing in and developing excellent housing that provides quality living spaces and fosters community growth. With a foundation in legal know-how, a dedication to conscious capitalism, and a relentless entrepreneurial spirit, we are excited to collaborate with development partners, investors, and community members to create sustainable and vibrant communities. Thank you for joining us on this journey.

With warmest wishes,

Georgie Asfoura, Esq., M.Ed.
Founder & CEO, Georgette Properties, LLC

Notable Projects


LOI Submitted

A proposed redevelopment: industrial to affordable multifamily

Coming Soon

Coming Soon: ADU

adaptive reuse of a detached garage to a micro apartment ADU


Clintonville Remodel

A full gut rehab: full bathroom addition, living room to kitchen conversion, and removal of a load bearing wall


Duplex Renovation

Full renovation of 2 dilapidated rental units


Larcomb House

Kitchen and bathroom renovation for a rental home

Consulting Services


For investors, developers, and entrepreneurs, click “Contact Us” below for expert guidance through thr pre-development, development, and operating phases of real estate projects.

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For legal services related to real estate development. Click the logo below to be redirected to the partner company, Georgie Asfoura, Attorney at Law.

Smart Investing with Smart Ideas


Georgette Properties, LLC is a privately held real estate investment firm headquartered in Columbus, OH.

The company was founded in 2020 by Georgie Asfoura to capitalize on the consistently appreciating Columbus, Ohio real estate market. Even in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, Columbus median home prices have continued to increase to unprecedented levels. The incredible growth in the city – the 14th most populous city in the nation – offers a unique opportunity for real estate investors, and Georgette Properties, LLC stands ready to help you get started.

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